A squirrel

I'm currently a research assistant professor at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University, broadly interested in geometric and categorical structures coming from theoretical physics. Currently I work on symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry; in particular, I think about Fukaya-categorical structures associated to symplectic fibrations with singularities. Even more specifically, I think about:

Broad areas of interest include: symplectic geometry, algebraic geometry, contact geometry, as well as mathematical physics and mathematical logic. Various notes of mine can be found here, and notes from talks I have given here.

I completed my PhD at Harvard University in May 2023, working on homological mirror symmetry under Denis Auroux.

I wrote my Minor Thesis at Harvard on Perverse Sheaves and D-modules under the supervision of Dennis Gaitsgory.

Before coming to Harvard I completed a Master's thesis at the University of California, Berkeley on Global Monodromy for Fukaya-Seidel Categories, under the supervision of Denis Auroux; this can be found here. This is intended to give an exposition of ideas of Seidel, not a rigorous development of the subject, and should not be cited as such.

I completed an honours degree in mathematics at the Australian National University under the supervision of Professor Bai-Ling Wang.

In Spring 2020 I taught a tutorial on Classical Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry.

In the Fall 2019 semester at Harvard, I organized a learning seminar on the Gross-Siebert Program. In the Fall of 2017 I helped to organise David Nadler's Geometric Representation Theory seminar. In Spring 2018 we organised a follow-on Geometry of Derived Sheaves (GoDS) seminar.